10 juni 2015


I'm currently doing a productivity seminar called TALK ABOUT THINGS YOU KNOW with photographer Niels Stomps. I will me making one (or more) series a day and posting them here.

I've always been curious about whether you can ever really see yourself objectively from the outside. For my first series I therefore asked strangers on the streets of Amsterdam if they would take my picture - any way they wanted - and then describe the experience. Afterwards I also made a portrait of them.

Comparing the photos which they took of me to the one I took of them, each meeting has it's own individual vibe. Of course every meeting between two people will be different, but shouldn't we actually stay the same in order to be authentic? I believe there is always a core of your personality present, but when meeting strangers I think most people unconsciously put on a first-impression-mask, if you will. 

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