23 april 2014


Yesterday I showed you my first series for the entrance exam for Photojournalist. Today I'll show you what I did for my second tryout last year, which some of you might have already seen.

The theme was a quote from a Danish song: "Så kys det dog det satans liv", which loosely interpreted means "embrace that damn life".
I choose to focus on the you only live once/carpe diem-feeling this gave me and immediately thought of extreme sports such as surfing, snowboarding and skating, where it's practitioners not only do the sport - they live it. It becomes more than an extreme sport. It is a lifestyle and a way of looking at life.

I therefore contacted one of Denmark's best kite sufers, Nikolaj Holmlund, who brought me along on a cold and windy March day in North Zealand.

Ultimately the series for Photojournalist are only four photographs but I've decided to show a few more shots from the day here.

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